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Our 5 Step Process

You can purchase Smarter Will™ documents bundled with legal advice from our expanding network of estate planning firms nationwide.  Watch for a Smarter Will™ law firm to be available in your state.

All of the law firms in the Smarter Will™ network charge the same fees and all of the documents are not only state specific, but our participating lawyers tailor the documents to your specific circumstances.

Legal advice and consultation is included in the fixed fee for each document or document set.

Some sites provide cheap, easy and fast online wills without attorney involvement. But the liability remains on your shoulders. On the other hand, visiting a law firm to create a basic last will can be expensive, time consuming and intimidating.

Smarter Will™ is the best of both worlds: giving you the power to create a legally sound document online with the help of attorneys, while keeping the price low.

When you arrive at one of our Smarter Will™ law firms sites to purchase a legal service you go through the following steps.

Help Me Choose Determine which package is right for you.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Free document revisions for an entire year.

Call Us Toll-Free 800-481-1025 (Law firms only)

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