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We asked Chicago-area locals if they have ever considered setting up a will and what is or has motivated them to grow-up and get a will to protect their family and legacy.

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What Motivates Illinois Residents to get a Will?
Attorney's Guidance for Wills and Trusts Online
Who Will be the Children's Guardian?
Getting Married and Need a Will
Single, No Kids, Do I Need a Will?
Near Death Experience, Made Me Get a Will
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Customer Comments

Read what some of our customers are saying about their experience with Smarter Will™.

My will was almost 30 years old and two of the beneficiaries named in it had died. I wanted to get an updated will in place. I chose Smarter Will over LegalZoom and a local estate attorney because Smarter Will had the attorney review, and also is domiciled in the Chicago area where I can meet face-to-face if that is necessary. The estate attorney only wanted to do a trust, which I have put off because my circumstances and beneficiaries may change. The online application/input was good for me because it allowed me to save my input, get back to it when I had the time, and most importantly, allowed me to think over the options to questions before I went ahead and finished the application. Since completing my will in October 2010, a few of my assets have changed, but I am free to update the will at no cost for one year. I think this is a valuable feature because even when a will is completed, many people like me may have omissions or reconsiderations about choices they made.

Michael R.

Chicago, IL

MarcellaI am a single, renting an apartment in Chicago’s Gold Coast, and have no children, having the need for a will never crossed my mind. Then I got sick and my Mom who lives in California called the hospital and they would not give her any information on my condition. She was frantic, thinking the worst, so she hopped on a plane with no other options to see if I was OK. Luckily I recovered and everything is fine now, but that experience opened my eyes that I needed to have a plan. The hospital told me I should get my health care directives and HIPAA authorization so I started my search online and found several options, but I felt most comfortable with the attorney review from Smarter Will, because they knew the laws of the state of Illinois the best. They answered all of my questions via live chat and I finished my will and health care documents in less than 30 minutes. Thank you Smarter Will, I now have a plan.

Marcella Z.

Chicago, IL

Laura and KeithI knew it was time for my husband and I to get our legal documents in order. We’ve been married for a few years and just had our first child, and now we recently bought our first home. Obtaining a will and power or attorney has been on our ‘to do’ list for awhile, but with so many other responsibilities, we needed a quick and easy way to get it done, without the hassle of multiple visits to an attorneys office. The online option of Smarter Will was a perfect fit for us, as opposed to other online options like Legalzoom, because they make you liable for all the paperwork…that’s crazy. was easy to navigate, and I understood what all the ‘legal talk’ meant without a dictionary. My husband was pleased too, as with all our new expenses, the overall cost to complete everything was very affordable. Now we have all the peace of mind of security and protection of our assets, and I get to check that off my list!

Laura & Keith S.

Warrenville, IL

Chris and AngeleSo many new things had taken place in our life so quickly. A new house, new jobs, newly married…it had never really occurred to us that protecting our assets should be such a priority. Then Angele was struck with serious medical issues, and with me working as a firefighter, we decided it was time to make sure we were taken care of in the event that something happened to one of us. The time and money saved from actually having to sit down with a lawyer was priceless, and the fact that our documents would be reviewed by an attorney let us rest easy knowing that paperwork errors on our end would not cause any issues down the road. We were able to get peace of mind quick and painlessly, knowing that in the worst case scenario we had all of our legal rights and assets protected. Thanks!

Chris & Angele C.

Oswego, IL

Kirk and Stephanie3 years into our marriage, after the sudden death of a family friend, our conversations turned toward the awful decisions people have to make when their loved ones pass away. How would we know what each other wants if we were sick or suddenly passed? How would we divide our assets in our family? Who would handle our estate, or burial? We hadn’t ever talked about it. Things like this aren’t supposed to happen to people our age! We didn’t even know if each other wanted to be buried or cremated, or what our feelings on life support were? After looking into our options, we decided to pursue getting our documents online as it appeared to be more cost effective than meeting with a lawyer. We searched a few sites, but weren’t quite sure if we understood all the forms. We found Smarter Will and we were really excited to see they offered an Illinois attorney review before your document became final. We filled out the forms online at the dinner table one night and finished our check out by time we were ready for dessert. We received our attorney’s review and it really made us feel confident knowing everything had been properly executed. Even though we are looking forward to many more happy years together, now should something happen, we know we have one less worry during those trying times. We can’t thank you enough for your guidance in helping us make such important decisions in our life.

Kirk & Stephanie A.

Yorkville, IL

Martha and JasonJason and I have been married for almost four years. Our family recently expanded with the birth of our son. We both decided that it was time to make decisions about our future and protect the assets we have worked so hard to acquire. Due to the recent economic uncertainty we owed it to ourselves and our family to make a plan for our future. We decided to utilize the services provided by We valued the fact that, although we were working online, we had the personal expertise of an attorney that reviewed our documents, as opposed to trying to translate them ourselves and making sure they were filled out correctly. We were also looking for estate plan documents that were exclusive to Illinois, as it was important to us that we had specific details of Illinois law. The entire process was fast, non-intimidating and affordable. We are very thankful and feel comfortable that our family’s future is secure.

Martha & Jason V.

Aurora, IL

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